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Mr. Shahid Nemani Hello Sir.
I like the system, but I think there needs to be more user friendly terms.
Sanjiv Agarwala I am Sanjiv Agarwala F/O Aashka Agarwala from Nursery-Section (E). Our child would be completing Nursery and we wanted to take this opportunity to Thank the Principal and Mini Madam, Rohi Madam and support staff as this was first year of her schooling and it was great watch her grow in a small way at this tender age. We could see lot of improvements in our child and I am sure with time there would be more to come. Special thanks to Mini madam as our child remembers her most and narrates us what was taught at school.
Ayush Mishra It was a great experience with teachers of PPS especially with teachers of Sr. KG-F. Harsha Madam is excellent. She handled my child with such great care, I see a lot of great improvements in my son.
She is an excellent teacher with a great understanding of how to take care of kids.
I really appreaciate the help and support she gave my son.
VII B parent I am very delighted by the positive response from the teachers to improve the skills in students and motivation given by displaying the charts showing studentwise behaviour.
Tejal Devshetwar We are very thankful to the Principal and the class teacher for their efforts in making our child comfortable and also creating tremendous interest in school and learning.

Today my child is very fond of school and studies. Teacher is very dear to her. We are truely impressed by the teacher's support in bringing up my daughter.
Disha Kankariya My daughter Disha is studying in Jr. KG in PPS. I am using this software called RITeSchool from last year when my daughter was in Nursery. It is really a very good software which gives entire information about students’ attendance, fees details, progress report, syllabus, events, SMS, etc. It is really a useful and beneficial software. Thanks
Bhavini Mathur First of all I want to express my thanks to Dr. Anjali for accepting , implementing and most important continuously improving the school site. I am one of the satisfied users of PPS, Pune online facilities. I would also want to extend my thanks to the development and support team who are maintaing this site.
Vihaan Gaikwad This is the fourth time I'm visiting this Portal, the first I logged was to check my son's attendance and to pay the school fees. Next few attempts were to pay fees only. But, today I took some time going through the information provided and I was amazed to see such excellent information and there's so much to learn Reading the Counsellor's corner is really helpful and it simply relates to your general routine at home and teaches you how to grow up with your kid. Then I looked at the Student's contribution especially the Book Review which is simply great, I myself was not aware of the meanings of the few words mentioned in that book ;-). I must say "THANK YOU" to everyone who's involved in maintaining this Portal and keeping the information updated. To, Pawar Public School, it is one of the most advanced schools I've seen. You people are really doing a great job and I feel comfortable sending my kid to school and I'm sure with the techniques you are using he's going to be a good citizen of tomorrow
Dhruvika Agrawal this is one of the best schools which I have seen in my life. The software is also very useful for us.
R. Vaishnavi I hope I can take this opportunity as a privilege to contact you with regard to my feelings towards the school and teachers. I am S. Ravi. F/o Vaishnavi R. IV - A student.

First of all I thank you very much for an excellent support to me and my child extended by all the teachers and staff. I am very happy that all the teachers are very co-operative and give equal opportunities to all the students which proves the capability of the teachers and the Principal. It is true that the teachers are taking care of all the children, as their own children and whenever children commit any mistakes, the way teachers rectify the mistakes shows an outstanding approach. In fact I can say that children are happy with the teachers.

During Deepavali, Shraddha Madam advised all the children not to waste their parent's money unnecessarily, which had an outstanding impact on the mind of the child so that she did not allow me to buy crackers.

I will be very happy, if Principal Madam expresses her appreciation for all the teachers of Std. IV - A , for their commendable contributions. It is my sincere request, please feel free to contact me at any time, for any contribution from my side for the development of the school.

I pray to God to keep all the teachers and staff happy, healthy and wealthy and I bless the children of the teachers to come up in their lives and shine like stars.